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Cards reveal an inner truth... help you gain insight into areas you may want to focus on,  for your desired outcome.


I look forward to being of service.

Love & Light to you.

Hi I'm Linda, I am a Certified Psychic Medium and Tarot Consultant, as well as a Reiki Master. I have study under renowned Psychic medium Richard Knight. My strongest Psychic ability is Claircognizance; with this I provide a highly intuitive reading for guidance and insight, through a professional Tarot reading. These readings I offer involve areas of pressing questions, as well as what may unfold in your near future. 
On my website you will be able to book a traditional styled Tarot reading to a variety of different spreads; I offer facetime readings, zoom readings, or a reading sent by email. I also offer pendulum insight, for answers to questions, by connecting to my Higher Self and Spirit Guides. I offer distant Reiki healing for anyone in need.

Intuitive coaching & Insight for:
Relationships / Career / Family / Finance / Relocating 

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I am not a Doctor or a Lawyer. Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Only you have the power to control your destiny. I make no claims; that what I tell you is written in stone, YOU always have the power of free will. That is the Beauty of receiving a Reading.

About Me

Angel in
Divine Tarot


 Using the Art of Tarot- to deliver Insight & Guidance with my Abilities & Intuition~ 
Connecting to Spirit- to deliver Mediumship Readings & Divine Energy- for Reiki Healing~
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