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If you are undecided about future plans or what direction your life is headed, let me give you a detailed reading with one of these Tarot Spreads; that can give you insight to help guide you. 

Birth chart Reading

New Year Spread

1 hour 

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This spread is an intense reading for guidance and insight, as well as a look at each coming month. It will provide you with answers to what you've been going through, and where you are headed.  This is a three layered spread; which uses three separate Tarot decks, consisting of thirty six cards. 

Relationship Reading

The Zenith Spread

1 hour 

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This is a Coaching spread that will help bring out whatever needs to be revealed in yourself, in order to help your Soul heal; it will shine a light to situations, that you yourself didn't even realize was keeping you from feeling joy and peace within. This spread is three separate sessions, each session is an hour long. 

yearly Transit Reading

The Jazz Spread

1 hour  

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This  past, present, future reading will give you the insight you need, to take the next step in your journey called life. It will look at your hopes and possible areas of concern, show any obstacles in your way. It will take you to your long term outcome, for the Future. 

                 PRICE LIST
           New Years Spread    150
           The Zenith Spread   120
           The Jazz Spread       120
           Minnie Jazz Spread.  60
           Three Card Reading 30
           Past present future 
           Celtic Cross Spread  60
           Love Spread            60


      Mediumship Readings
           upon request 


If you are interested in a reading or have any questions, please reach out to me at so we can discuss any concerns,  as well as what works best for you.

I can also be reached on the other platforms listed here.
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