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First I want to say, Thank you for visiting my Website and wanting to know about me. I wanted to share with you a little about myself.  When I was younger, I lived in a house that had a Spirit that made themselves known to me. I always felt an energy presence, although I was not aware at that time, what was going on. I later experienced hearing this Spirit call out my name. It wasn't until I was older, that I had validation from my Mom that she had also heard this Woman Spirit calling my name every night, an had her own experiences with her. I later learned that the Spirit of this Woman had been the previous owner and died in the house, leaving three small children behind. I would on random occasions have a feeling come over me right when I was about to fall asleep. This feeling was an energy that I felt immediately it would take over my whole body, I couldn't speak or move, the more I tried to fight it, the stronger it would become, I was terrified. It would only last like three minutes, which felt like an Eternity. I had told my Mom about this, she had suggested I should bring it up to a Psychic/Medium when I go. One psychic had said it was my soul trying to astral flight. Another said I would have psychic abilities when I was older, but I had felt.. it was Spirit, a very strong one. I later found out, I was correct. The one to show me exactly that, was my Mom. I had lost her at age twenty two, she was only forty six when she crossed over. My Mom showed herself to me, it was thirteen years after she passed, that she did this. I was laying in bed, it was late morning in full daylight. (I worked nights, so I was trying to fall asleep.) The feeling came over me and I couldn't believe it was happening again. In my head I was saying "MOM make it stop! Help me MOM!" Then without words, I spoke to her in my mind and I said "Oh.. It's you" My Soul knew it was her, with that she reached down and pulled me up to her (I was laying down) I felt her grip on my arm, and then was in a full embrace with her. No words were spoken, but I could feel her emotion. It was a feeling that took me a long time to figure out. It was total sadness, as I would imagine a Mom would feel losing a child. This whole embrace lasted a few minutes. I felt her Love for me and I kept telling her I loved her in my mind. This is how you communicate in Spirit. It's an all knowing. I suffered a lot of loss, so I feel my Mom knew what was coming and this was her way of letting me know she would be there throughout it, that she was sorry for what I had yet to go through. I haven't shared this with that many people and here I am sharing it here, that is huge for me. My Mom is a very strong energy, she has come through for me whenever I have needed her she has shown me that she will do what she can for me from the other side. I am beyond Grateful for that. Doing Mediumship work for me is an Honor. I want to be able to comfort others who are going through uncertainty and need validation that their loved ones are still with them, only in a different way. I have my own thoughts of our Energy and feel we are always together with our loved ones so part of our  energy is on the other side at all times our Higher Self.  Only part of our energy is here learning and when our loved one's physical body dies and they are greeted by loved ones that have gone home before them, they see this in that moment and that is why it is ok for them to leave us here, I feel all is known as soon as we reconnect with our Higher Self and leave the physical body. I know this is deep, but it is what I feel and one of my strongest abilities is Claircognizant.  If you ever heard someone talk about a near death experience and they are baffled that when they were on the other side they seen there dog or a relative that is still living, this is why, our energy is here there and who knows where else.  I just know we are all together there and part of our energy is here, a small part.  This is my Belief.  This was never told to me or read anywhere but I feel there are others out there that know this to be true as well.  God is in all of us and God is everywhere. That pretty much is Validation in itself.  

  I always have felt other peoples energy and just knew things. I had been very interested in Spirits and Tarot at a young age.  I have had visual images from spirit, I connect with feeling their energy. I have helped find a missing cat and saved a dog with bringing it home, to it's exact house through my Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. I was told the dogs name and shown in my minds eye, the fence on the property and with Claircognizance, I knew what block to go down and what house to stop at. These are just few examples, to help you understand my abilities. My Mom is one of my guides and helps me with showing me signs and helping me connect with Spirit. I feel we are a team, that gives me comfort knowing she is and always will be helping me, however she can. We all have the ability to sense Spirit and to hear Spirit by listening through our intuition. You just have to be open to whatever comes through. It is a never-ending learning process. 

I recently lost my only sibling, my Brother. He has shown me some amazing signs as well. He shows a hawk on special occasions and a Turkey Vulture. He shows me dashes of Rainbows and comes through with a specific song, He has appeared in the clouds during a sunset at a Beach home, we would rent with family. I will post it on here (click on "albums" on the menu at the top of the page) so you can see for yourself.  My brother has payed me a visit in my dream. He also had left me a message, that was two pages..( in my reminders app on my cell phone.) I have no doubt my Mom was able to show him how to do this. It was only a week after he passed. When we transition to the other side we can do so many amazing things for our loved ones, as far a signs go.  I hope that any of you that are reading this, know that your loved ones in Spirit show you signs, in all sorts of ways. Numbers that were special, songs on the radio, dream visitations, lights flickering, devices giving you trouble, to even moving things. Birds, Butterflies, Lady bugs, Feathers, Coins, certain Scents. Cool breezes and feelings of goosebumps are some of the ways.. I have had them all. It is important that when you get a sign, you validate it to them. They can hear your thoughts when you talk to them in your mind. When you validate it to them, this will bring on more and more signs, It will be a new way for them to contact you. If you are not sure of what you are getting is an actual sign, I can tell you this..  if they cross your mind when it happens, you can bank on it, that it is a sign for you. Thank them so they know you are receiving their Hello. I have also lost the Love of my Life, we were together Twelve years. I have had my fair share of loss. I want you to know even though, I know we don't die, I still grieve the same as anyone else. The loss of the physical body and hearing their voice or being able to see them whenever we want, hurts and it never goes away.  I wrote a poem about what it feels like when we are facing others during our Grief, maybe I will add it to this page. It was more to educate people who do not know what it is like to suffer a great loss. I felt the need to write it and the words just flowed out of me. It was my way of letting people know, they have no idea what someone is feeling on the inside, no matter what they may look like to you on the outside. So if you know anyone that is suffering from loss, please know that all we want is for our loved ones to be remembered and talked about. That is what comforts, a grieving person. I am very down to Earth and I am hear for anyone that might need to just talk. Please feel free to send me an email, ask me any questions, it would be my pleasure to hear from you.

I have recently studied under renowned Psychic Medium Richard Knight. Richard has given me the tools to be confident in my abilities, and has shown me how to strengthen them.  Richard has taught me the Art of Tarot, by making learning the cards and their meanings second nature and trusting my intuition to deliver very accurate readings. It is where the Zenith Spread, Jazz Spread and Genesis Spread originated, a Big thank you to Richard for sharing his Very Special Crafted Spreads with his Students allowing us to have them for our own. Richard's whole heart and Soul is in his teachings and I will forever be Grateful to him. Much Love and Respect go out to him.

I have a few Certifications, I love learning all I can in what interests me and what I am passionate about, for me that is helping people and animals. I am a Certified Tarot and Psychic Medium, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Transformational Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and an Ordained Minister. I am all about helping people with their Mind, Body, and Soul. I recently received my Hypnotherapy Certification, so I can help people with Anxiety, Phobias. Addiction, Chronic Pain, PTSD and Insomnia and things alike. I Love learning and Helping is my Passion.   

I'd like to end with my beliefs. I believe in God and I am more spiritual then Religious. I Believe in an all Loving God. I believe he knows us all on a personal level, he Loves all of us unconditionally, he made us and therefore no one is a mistake. I believe our souls are here to learn lessons and we have free will to choose what lessons we learn. I believe God wants us all to Love one another and show kindness in all we do. God is in all of us, Always..  He wants us to call on him in times of sorrow and times of Joy. I do believe that there is negative energy out there and it can attach to low energy vibrations, abusing drugs or any form of substance abuse, is leaving yourself vulnerable and open to negative energy. I do know that if you have a high vibration, negative energy can not get in, sort of like..  "Whenever Light enters darkness, the darkness is Abolished" I love this. 


It is my wish to bring Faith. Hope and Love to comfort all that are in need. We do go on, and we will reunite with our loved ones in Spirit, and pets too.  YOU can Believe that, and TRUST it.

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